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Next Reward

Contribution, Remuneration

Organizations all around the word use to spend hundreds (and even thousands) of euros to
keep under control their most critical businesses’ behaviour.
Companies have introduced and implemented ERP application to look over financial data, CRM application to analyze customers and Network Management to check their own technological infrastructure.
Organizations keep on investing in these solutions because the variables under control play an important role in their business success.

Despite their essential mission, these systems do not enable the analysis and management of the most valuable asset: people. The weak knowledge of human resources belonging to the organization may have, day by day, negative effects on the overall business performances.

Make your Strategic Choice: Next Reward

NEXT REWARD™ is the solution adding value to the information provided for your HR systems terms of linking the strategic aspect of compensation to managerial processes.
Moreover, NEXT REWARD™ can be connected to SAP®HR platform and anyother HR System and is designed to add value thanks to the graphical representation of data and analysis.

The combination of methodology and software application is based on Quick Job™ and G.A.P. (Gold Analysis & Planning)™, designed by NEXT , now available in an integrated form.

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With Next Reward you Can

  • Find out the value of each job position
  • Verify whether organizational structure is coherent with business mission and needs
  • Change management planning
  • Establish a link between the evaluation results, the competences model and the performance indicators
  • Planning the road map to compensation policies
  • Evaluate the degree of internal equity
  • Monitoring market trends
  • Plan reward changes in accordance with organizational policies

Transparency in Job Evaluation and Remuneration

  • Target, bonus payments
  • Enable planning of future remuneration
  • Optimize recruiting process
  • Detailed job description and job evaluation makes recruitment easier

Flexible Evaluation Methods

  • Results are comparable with other methodologies

Supports Decentralized Processes

  • Maintains corporate governance rules

Supports Various Rolls

  • HR, Line Manager, etc.

Easy to Implement 

  • Hosted or in-house with a quick start implementation

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