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OrgPublisher & Aquire Products

True wisdow come from within

Wisdom is acquired over time. Wisdom is gained when a proven method is applied to solve a specific problem. Aquire solutions impart unparalleled wisdom by visualizing critical data within the context of your organizational hierarchy so you can make truly wise workforce planning and analytics decisions.

Org Charting & Reporting

Address your most pressing workforce questions using knowledge acquired through a clear picture of your workforce intelligence. OrgPublisher and OrgPublisher Premier present data visually, and in context, making answers readily apparent and allowing you to tap into the inherent wisdom within your organization’s hierarchy.

Our Experience

With more than a decade of Partnership with Aquire we have done hundreds of implementations.

OrgPublisher Premier

OrgPublisher Premier is world-renowned for producing the fastest, most flexible org charts in the industry — but that’s just the starting point. There is inherent wisdom within your organization’s hierarchy and OrgPublisher Premier helps bring it to light. This elegant solution visually presents you with the workforce intelligence and reporting capabilities you need to address your most pressing workforce questions.

NEXT & Aquire: A long-time Passion

With more than a decade of experience, we fully support Aquire products.

Picture above: is the award received from Aquire (formerly TimeVision) as best worldwide partner of the year.

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