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About Us

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Human Intelligence by NEXT

People are those who feed firm’s existence.
People guarantee the continuity of the firm in the future.
People share corporate values and objectives.
People, if properly trained, managed, rewarded, motivated actively invest their time and put all their efforts, dreams for the achievment of company success.
People create value.

Why for the HR&ORG Department?

Today, one of the main duty of the HRD is to guarantee and safeguard the activation, management and development of methodologies, processess and tools coherent with corporate values, competences, culture in order to manage, train, create value, measure, reward, motivate people that make the company alive.As a consequence the company should be able to generate commitment, by the comunication of its objectives.

Why for People?

Because it is important to share corporate processes,Because it is essential the communication of corporate values,To communicate expectations, events, informations and goals,To actively involve people in corporate goal achievment.


Through the integration of “light” and flexible technologies, able to support all managerial processes for the supervision and control of reward, development, hiring and training policies application.


Endow the organization with instuments and technological applications that can, not only keep up with organizational change, but also that can ease the transfer of even complex metodologies within the company;Make investment on what is currently useful keeping always in mind the global project and total vision,Assure the technological coherence between the standard contents and the supplier.


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